Ultraviolet Luminosity Functions from 132 Z ∼ 7 and Z ∼ 8 Lyman-Break Galaxies in the Ultra-Deep HUDF09 and Wide-Area Early Release Science WfC3/IR Observations

R. J. Bouwens, G. D. Illingworth, P. A. Oesch, I. Labbe, M.Trenti, P. van Dokkum, M. Franx, M. Stiavelli, C. M. Carollo, D. Magee, and V. Gonzalez


We identify 73 z ∼ 7 and 59 z ∼ 8 candidate galaxies in the reionization epoch, and use this large 26–29.4 AB mag sample of galaxies to derive very deep luminosity functions to < − 18 AB mag and the star formation rate (SFR) density at z ∼ 7 and z ∼ 8 (just 800 Myr and 650 Myr after recombination, respectively).


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